What’s the problem we are targeting?

Albanians are spread out all around the globe with a huge diaspora that “wants to be connected with each other”. As such, there is not a single platform that offers such an exclusive service for the Albanian community.

Why dua.com?

Business Model

Some Achievements

In Zurich & Prishtina

dua AG was founded and headquartered in the World Trade Center,  Zurich (Switzerland) through an initial investment of  CHF 100,000.


Premium users want to have unlimited functionality and get the most out of the
dua App.

Premium Services for paying clients.
Premium Tools & Extras. 

In-App Features |  1 / Feature:  

See who liked you
 Pay one time
 Super-Star / Send a pitch-message

4.95€ /mo & In-App Features


Freemium Model. There will always be a free version of the App. We will show some Ads to these users. 

Partnerships / Contests / Leads
Partnerships with companies who want to get access to the biggest Albanian Database in the world. Highly targeted lead generation.

Freemium with Ads


After the business model I is proven to be successful, we shall launch our whole platform as a service for other countries who share the same issues as the Albanian Community: 

1) Huge diaspora and
2) want to marry / connect mostly within their own nationality.

Internationalization & White Labeling

Early Investors & Entrepreneurs

How big can this get?

PLATFORM: A global Albanian platform where people meet, help each other, do business together or find their life partners.

MATCHING: Love & Business for the Albanian World - where Albanians start their relationships for Business & Love.

CONTENT: The top magazine with highest quality of video and written content.

TECHNOLOGY: The most advanced social ecosystem for Albanians with an incredible intelligent networking and matchmaking system.

MISSION: Our mission is to connect Albanians all around the world with each other. Our vision is to become the biggest Albanian Social Ecosystem with a positive impact on all Albanians in the world.

WHITE LABELING: The potential of the platform starts just with dua.com and can be multiplied by offering the whole platform as a service to other nationalities.

Have any questions?

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dua.com is looking for Investors to join us

dua.com is a Social Platform and Community itself that aims to connect Albanians worldwide: Help. Biz. Love. - Get early access to the first round of financing at dua AG.

We're in our mission to connect over 12 million Albanians around the globe. Be it Albanians from Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Turkey, Switzerland, the UK, and beyond, we're aiming to empower your relationships and meaningful connections with peers. Search for your partner anyplace, anywhere, anytime, and meet them in person.

Significant Social Proof

Huge interest from the Albanian Community. Social Media Accounts are growing organically with high weekly growth-rates.


Minimum Viable Product / MVP App first Version is completed for iOS, Android & Backend.

Beta Testers Program

5.406  Subscribers / Beta Testers registered through our Landing page at dua.com already.


Purchased the premium domains: dua.com, dua.biz and dua.help


Two Co-Founders. Hired a team of 6 already: Content, Social Media, Graphic Designer, CFO, Project Manager and CTO.

dua.com is looking for Investors to join us

One of the largest Albanian communities lives in the United States..


Europe - our biggest Community 

From their home countries such as Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo, the Albanian community  is spread out all over the world, but mostly in different European countries (i.e Germany, Switzerland, The UK, and others).

The Target Group

Some Analytical Data 

Our main target group are people in the age range of 25 to 34, whom are identified with the highest probability to become Premium Users. They are in an age range where it’s not any more comfortable to be single and want to change that. They are also the biggest group of people who want to marry and have children, therefore they are searching for a serious relationship.

Age 18 - 24

Age 25 - 34 

Age 45 - 54 

Age 35 - 44 


(90d after launch)





10'790 Likes


1'167 Followers

6'608 Subscribers

4'000+ Followers

Social Media

Sacha Ghiglione

CEO & Member of the Board of Directors Prime Computer Ltd.

Dua is such an amazing possibility to bring great people together. The goal is to help individuals in need of knowledge for business opportunities, to find the one they are looking for or to simply reach out to a "friend" in another location. Being part of such a community is what everybody is looking for.

Early Investor @dua.com

Sadat Emruli


Ich war seit ich das erste Mal von der Idee von dua gehört hatte vor über einem Jahr fasziniert von diesem Projekt und wollte von Beginn an dabei sein. Freue mich, als Early Investor die dua AG unterstützen zu dürfen.

Early Investor @dua.com

Drenusha Shala

A bunch of the most talented minds. Valon Asani you can be really proud of your ability to build such a team. Good luck! This is just the beginning of a great business idea and with such a great team, success is guaranteed.

Co-Founder & Board of Directors Baruti AG

Successful Entrepreneur


100 % Reached

If you think you should still be part of dua AG at the Seed Round, please write to valon@dua.com

Erblin Ribari

Chief Financial Officer

Ermal Sadiku

Chief Technology Officer

Imrit Kasapolli 

Project Manager

Larklind Cerkezi

Co-Founder & Member of the Board

Valon Asani

Co-Founder & CEO

Flogerta Driza

Content Writer

Ed Zeneli

Graphic Designer (intern)

Fidan Mjeku

Social Media Manager (intern)

Fjoralba Krapi

Interim Social Media Manager

Edon Luta

Interim SEO Manager

Meet the Team


Period of investing in dua AG has